Fundraising Video For BCJ

I had been doing some photography work for the Boulder Center for Judaism and they asked me if I could do a quick turnaround on some found footage for a 24 hour fundraising campaign.

The campaign manager told me that they wanted a fast-paced video with a strong modern soundtrack, but the woman supervising him told me that she didn’t think that would appeal to their community (Orthodox). I decided to make a heartfelt video showing the people from the community and how they had been positively affected by their connection with the center. I wanted to emphasize community and what was special about their community.

After I delivered this video, they had a few changes, but the final video helped them achieve their fundraising goal of $45,000 in 24 hours!


When You Get Hacked

My facebook friend Tracee Sioux messaged me.
“Dude there was a giant RED screen that said I was in danger and to leave the site immediately when I clicked.”

When I logged on in Chrome, things looked fine. Firefox, Safari, also no problem.

WTH, I thought. I had to find out what was going on.

I turned to facebook and used it for what it is best used for- crowdsourcing. Figuring that it might have something to do with her geographical area, I sent a group message out to friends in California, Denver, Florida and Louisiana asking them to look at my site. I got two reports that everything was fine so I started to breathe easier. Then a report from my friend John in Denver.

“There’s an obviously fake flash download screen that comes on when I go to your site. I tried to go back and screen capture it but it didn’t come back”

Not as bad as the time someone downloaded flashing skulls and lightning onto my site, but still, I was not happy.

Here’s what I did to fix it.

  • 1. Got into my site with FTP. You can see ALL THE FILES with FTP. It’s really old school, but still useful.
  • 2. Locked down ALL MY PERMISSIONS. So, the reason you can upload pictures to your site is that there is a vulnerability in the file permissions that allows you to do that. If you are on a high-security server, you will have to change permissions every time you want to upload a plugin or a picture. It’s not just a matter of someone getting your password.
  • 3. Looked into my wp-content/uploads folder. I usually name things something that makes sense- (even if it’s screenshot_margaret) so when I saw a file named cpxhuxfy.php I knew it didn’t belong.
  • 4. I removed all those files.
  • 5. I revisited all my permissions. wp-config (in the public_html file) should be 664. EVERYTHING ELSE (use the “recurse into subdirectories” option) should be 775.
    When you need to get in to add files and images, go to wp-content and then the appropriate folder and change it to 777 until you are done.
  • 6. VERY IMPORTANT! When you are done, close that door! Change your permissions back to 775!!

Boulder International Fringe Festival 2013

Una Osato @ the 2013 Boulder International Fringe Festival
Una Osato @ the 2013 Boulder International Fringe Festival
Bradley Spann in “Me and My Monkey”
Myles Goldin
Myles Goldin
Lee Harris & Al Stafford in “Serum 37”

Shana Cordon in “Dances With Demons”
Una Sass dark
Una Osato in “ExHOTic”


Lamisil at low prices

Martin Dockery in "The Pit"
Martin Dockery in “The Pit”
captive queen
Paula Preston in “Captive Queen”